Perkins unveils its new 400 Series Tier 4 compliant genset family and a new top of the range 30kWe 404D-22TAG model.

Perkins is exhibiting its 400D flagship model, the new top of the range 404D-22TAG at Power Gen New Orleans.

In fact Perkins has 2 new range topping models, which are all new to the Tier 4 family when compared with its predecessor the Tier 2 family that previously topped out at 20.2kWe Standby.

The new 400D Tier 4 range includes 1.1, 1.5 and 2.2 litre models, which cover the 9.9kWe to 31.3 kWe Standby power range at 1800rpm. The 2 new models the 404D-22TG capable of producing power outputs of 25.5kWe Prime and 28.3kWe Standby at 1800rpm and the 404D-22TAG capable of producing power outputs of 28.4kWe Prime and 31.3kWe Standby also at 1800rpm are welcome additions to the new Tier 4 product range.

The new 400D Tier 4 family builds on the class leading 400C Series Tier 2 genset range and offers superior power density with the addition of turbo and turbo after-cooling technologies, low emissions and low operating costs in a small, efficient package.

The 400 Series industrial engines are well established in the market place and renowned for their compactness. The ElectropaK range has a newly designed cooling pack and provides optimum power density making installation and transportation easier and cheaper.

Durable and economic to use, its operating and maintenance costs are reduced thanks to economical consumption of fuel and oil, while whole life costs are enhanced by the 500 hr service intervals and a two-year warranty.

All ElectropaK specifications are supplied fully fitted with suitable radiators, charge coolers, air cleaners, pipes, hoses and mounting feet to provide a fully engineered turnkey package that can be installed very easily.

Daniel Bentley, Electric Power Marketing Manager says: “ Our electric power product offering is the result of in-depth voice of the customer studies with both current and potential customers. We believe the results are a product that reaches the right power nodes, package size and the ability to deliver excellent value in terms of dollar per kW”.


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